Law & Economics in New Zealand


The main opportunity for part-time study in law and economics is the Massey University DipBusAdmin/MPhil. This is a two year (full time equivalent) degree in which one does 120 points in taught papers (sufficient for DipBusAdmin) followed by a 120 point thesis to complete the MPhil. An economist with no law degree would take Fundamentals of Law and three other law or dispute resolution papers followed by a law and econ thesis. A lawyer with no economics degree could take Economics for non-economists followed by certain other economics papers and then the thesis. A graduate in both can pitch straight into a combination of law (or dispute resolution) and economics papers followed by the thesis. An economist who has done only a 3 year degree will be required to do an additional 120 points before enrolling for the MPhil. This could be done by taking Business Law and Dispute Resolution papers enabling a combination of law papers and economics papers in the MPhil.

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