How to Bypass Internet Censorship


In the last 10 years the Internet grew very, very fast. It is a bunch of thousands of little networks put together. Billion computers are connected and it is basically not controlled or even owned by a government or company. There are no laws, everybody can put his webpages online which can be accessed by everybody on the world who is sitting in front of a computer with Internet access. I believe that this can and will change the world as we know it today.

But there are several governments who think that this unlimited access to information is dangerous for their citizens. These are for example Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Cuba, Jordan, Tunisia, Burma, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Kuwait, Vietnam, Syria, Iran, United Arab Emirates and parts of Africa. And even in countries like Australia, Switzerland and in some parts of Germany they censor websites. This ranks from a very easy to circumvent DNS blocking of only 2 Nazi sites in parts of Germany to a government office with 30.000 employees only working in blocking thousands of websites, services and ports in China.

Though the blocking methods are different there are also different ways to bypass them. I will try to show you how to access the website of Amnesty International, BBC, Google and other blocked sites in your country. I made this website in very basic HTML, so that you can even view it with a very old computer. Please share this information, link the site, copy it, mirror it, print it (I didn't "hide" any links, so that no link is lost when you print it) and teach your friends and relatives!