Study abroad without leaving home

Have you considered studying abroad? An education from an international university is very appealing. But do you want to spend the time and money required to travel overseas and find accommodation? You can study abroad without leaving home.
There are so many advantages to getting your education online.

  • 1. Online education brings flexibility to students and busy professionals
  • 2. It is much more convenient
  • 3. There are no limitations in regards to time and location
  • 4. You can continue working while you go to school
  • 5. Freedom to plan classes around your life instead of planning your life around classes
  • 6. The cost is much less especially when you take into account the cost of travel and accommodation required to study at a campus
Here is a list of some popular international universities offering degrees by distance education:
  • Open Universities Australia
    "Study online and graduate with a degree from a leading Australian University. With over 90 courses & 1000 units to study, there's something for everyone ..."
  • University of Oxford, UK
    "Oxford's online courses offer a new way of combining innovative learning and teaching techniques ..."
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  • Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA
    "Take a Harvard course from anywhere in the world. Over 100 online courses open to the public. Undergraduate, graduate, or noncredit. Explore your options today ..."
  • University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    "University of Phoenix offers college education through campus and online degree programs, certificate courses, and individual online classes. Learn more about admissions, accreditation, tuition and financial aid options, or get started with your enrollment today ..."
Contact the online universities above or read more at their web site to make an informed decision. When you make your decision we'd be interested to know what you chose to do.