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Study abroad or study online -
7 reasons to get your university degree online

If you're thinking about going overseas to get your degree from an international university, then you might not know that you can get the same degree from the same university without leaving home. Here are 7 reasons to get your university degree online.

1. Qualifications are available from the top Universities
- check out our article Study abroad without leaving home for just a few of these top Universities
2. You can study at your own pace and at your own convenience
- there is no tight study schedule
3. The number of places are unlimited
4. It can be much cheaper than studying on-campus
- just think of all the costs you would incur if you had to travel up to four times per year and pay for accommodation near a university
5. You can mix and match units to suit your career needs
- you don't need to worry that class times might clash if you were studying on-campus
6. You can keep your job and study at the same time in the comfort of your own home
- this way you are still bringing in an income
7. You can keep your current social life with family and friends
- there is no need to travel and live away from home
So if you want to study abroad, but don't want to leave home, then study online. Check out our article Study abroad without leaving home for more information.

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