Distance learning a guide for school leavers

If you just finished school in New Zealand, you now have your National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) and a University Entrance. So what are you going to do? Leave home and live at a campus for the next 4 years? Why not get your degree using distance learning?
Do you live in the modern era? Has technology advanced in the last 10 years? The answers are of course "yes". Modern technology now allows school graduates to get their tertiary education online. Distance learning gives you the opportunity to study at a national or international university without the expense of travel and accommodation.

Here are some tips to set you in the right direction:
  • 1. Get help choosing a career and find out about the different jobs available. Visit the Career Services web site.
  • 2. For those of you wanting to study at a New Zealand university, check out the distance learning courses offered by Massey University. Massey is regarded as the premier university for distance education, offering most of its courses extramurally.
  • 3. If you want to study online with an international university, then some recommended starting points are:

    • Australia - Open Universities Australia - "Study online and graduate with a degree from a leading Australian University. With over 90 courses & 1000 units to study, there's something for everyone."
    • North America - Distance Studies - "Distance Studies online school search is dedicated to provide detailed information on distance learning education and online degree programs from accredited colleges, universities, and online schools from the US and Canada."
    • UK - The Open University - "The Open University's official website; Part-time higher education, supported distance and open learning for undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications."
  • 4. Look into the student services offered by the Ministry of Social Development.
  • 5. Do some research into the Massey University Extramural Community (aka Extramural Students Society). Learn from other students doing distance education in New Zealand.
Go for it! The world is at your fingertips. Distance learning is an excellent choice for getting your education and securing your future career.